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Ninja Parkour Multiplayer

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maj 2024
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juni 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Ninja Parkour Multiplayer is a 2D game where your goal is to avoid obstacles along your way to the end of the course. Quick movements and precise jumps will take you far. Hesitation will simply send you back to the beginning.

How to Play Ninja Parkour

You can play in a private room or join a room full of other ninjas sharing the same objective as you - reaching the end of this Japanese-inspired megacity unscathed. The game unfolds over water and in the sky, requiring you to leap onto sky lanterns, grab floating sushi, climb enormous bowls, slide across chopsticks, cling to pagodas, and more. The destination is vertical, making ninja techniques and moves crucial.

Basically, you have four controls at your disposal. Being a WASD game, your actions are confined to jumping, walking backward, and walking forward. Your ninja can gain speed, and some jumps are quite narrow, necessitating precision. A misstep could lead to a plunge into the deep waters, sending you right back to the start, or landing fortunately on a piece of sushi below if luck is on your side.

Choose your character

You get to select your character from various ninjas dressed in different colors and give your ninja a name. When playing in a room with others, your name above your head will help differentiate you from fellow ninjas.

Choose the map

Initially, you have a few map options such as First Journey, Keep Up, and Take a Choice. They range in difficulty, but most feature floating sushi.


  1. Each ninja is unique. Experiment with different ones to see their capabilities.
  2. Precision is key. Master the timing of your jumps to land squarely on both feet!

Release Date

May 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

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03. jun. 2024