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College Sport Team Makeover

(3.459 stemmer)
august 2023
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(iOS, Android)

College Sport Team Makeover, also known as College team dress up spil, is an exciting game where you have the opportunity to dress up a squad of four students - two girls and two boys. These talented individuals are the best athletes in their high school, and they possess style, youth, and beauty. As they love fashion clothes, your goal is to dress them up exactly as you wish. If you enjoy college girls team makeover, college girls and boys team dress up games, or fashion games, then this game is a must-try! Choose from a wide selection of clothing items to create millions of fashion outfits. You can dress the whole squad in either sport or casual style, or even mix and match different clothes for each member. The game introduces you to a rich girl and boy squad, who not only excel in sports but are also the best of friends. Being in the spotlight all the time, it's imperative for them to look perfect. Thus, this best friends makeover fashion game is an ideal opportunity to transform their appearance. Dressing up multiple dolls simultaneously, especially such adorable models as our boys and the rich girl squad in this college team dress up game, adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Now, you can dress up both college girls and boys on a single screen, allowing for a high level of character customization. Choose their skin color, hairstyles, and accessories to create a unique personal style. With their affluent backgrounds, the rich girl and boy squad can afford a wide range of outfits, so feel free to experiment. Once you're satisfied with their looks, you can set the background to suit the context. Whether it's a school classroom, corridors, canteen, parks, or shopping streets, the choice is yours! Once you've completed designing their outfits, simply press the "Camera" button to capture a screenshot. Share your sense of style with your friends and see who excels in college girls and boys team dress up! Key features of College Sport Team Makeover include: - Dressing up college girls and boys together on a single screen - A vast variety of clothing options in this new college team makeover game for girls - The ability to dress the entire sport team in casual clothes or sportswear - Unique outfits for each college girl and boy - Capture a picture of the entire high school team - Enhance your stylist skills with this college team dress up game To discover more of our best friends makeover, couple dress up, fashion games, and college girls team makeover games for girls, simply press the "More Games" button within the app. We offer a wide range of high school dress up, college makeover, and other quality girl games. Sharpen your sense of style and showcase your friends with your fashionable outfits. Let's have fun right now!


august 2023


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  • Web browser (desktop og mobil)
  • Android
  • iOS

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